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Window Cleaning

Your windows can be cleaned today using the latest telescopic window cleaning system with over 90ft reach/ reach Your windows are cleaned using cutting edge technology in our pure water filtration system, ensuring no streaks or dirt are left. Your windows will be cleaned to a flawless shine.

Cleaning Equipment

We use specially designed Soft brushes with rubber bumpers that will treat your valuable windows with the care that they need. ‘Soap Free’ technology The technology we use is ‘soap-free’. This means that there is no sticky soap residue that will attract dirt. So the finish on your glass lasts longer – up to 8 weeks.

Value for Money Window Cleaning

We offer our window cleaning services on a fortnightly to twelve weekly schedules. A longer frequency of 12 weeks gives you terrific value for money and major savings on your annual window cleaning costs. Guaranteed Streak-Free Glass The service includes Glass, Sills, Frames And Doors – every time. Extra Reach We can get to windows above extensions and conservatories and also second and third storey work: so no more dirty windows that other window cleaners cannot access.

Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaning

We clean windows for both domestic and business premises. Our pure water filtration window cleaning system is done with minimum inconvenience to you and your customers. No awkward ladders for anyone to navigate or walk around or risk of anything falling from a height. Just s a streak-free and flawless shine, every time

Cleaning Schedules

Want to schedule your cleaning services with us? We will clean your Windows on a schedule of your choice. We can schedule a regular clean on a ‘two week’ to ‘twelve-week’ basis.

Say Goodbye to Ladders

No more damage to fascias and guttering that ladders can do. With our class-leading window cleaning equipment, we say goodbye to ladders and hello to technology.

Open Hours:

Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm